X-Life Health Mod

This mod adds the heart system for the X-Life modpacks.

Heart System

When you join a game for the first time, you start of with one heart. Every time you die, you gain a heart. When you die with 10 hearts you will be banned from the server. If you are playing singleplayer, you will be set in gamemode spectator.


When you die, you will hear a dragon growl sound that everyone on the server will hear and this text will be show to warn you about the amount of lives you have left:

There will also appear a message in chat so everyone on the server knows how many lives you have left:

Stats command

You can see what you died to and how long you lasted for every heart with the command /stats.

Admin commands

We also added some handy command for server admins.

You can set a players he arts with the command:
/sethealth [playername] [amount of hearts].

You can view the amount of hearts a player has with the command:
/gethealth [playername]

You can see what server is installed with the command:
/about xlifehealth

This mod works great with the X-Life Heart Colors mod because it will give your hearts a different color depending on how many hearts you have.

A mod by DAQEM (mod page)

Updated on January 29, 2021

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