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Wallpapercraft – A Fresh Roll

Wallpapercraft adds hundreds of new blocks to the game. These blocks can be crafted using solid white gray, a pattern press, a dye press and a variant press which is optional.

Solid White Gray Recipes


Say if you wanted to craft a Brick Dark Teal Blue, you would need solid white gray, dye press: cyan, pattern press: brick and variant press: 5. The reason you would know that you would need variant press: 5 is because if you hover over the block with tool tips enabled (to do this press f3 and h) it says cyan-4. If you then hover over variant press: 5, it says that it is variant4. If this is too confusing there is always another way to do this.

The other way to craft this block is to put a solid white gray block, a pattern press: brick and a dye press: cyan into a crafting grid. This will then make a Brick Light Green Blue block. If you then hold this block, sneak then scroll, it will go through all of the cyan colors.

A mod by Ommina_ (mod page)

Updated on February 4, 2021

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