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The Endergetic Expansion

Endergetic Expansion’s aim is to improve every aspect of the end, it notably already adds an entire biome with unique mechanics and visuals, as well as visual improvements to the existing end well and end gateways used to teleport in vanilla. The Poise Forest can be located semi-rarely in the outer islands of the end (where the chorus biome can also spawn).

The Poise Forest

The Poise Forest is the new biome that is added with this mod. It is a glowing purple forest based around levitation. Poismoss and eumus covers the ground and poise trees reach high into the sky. The End Island biome also has a more mystical look. Additional guiding lights help the player, and mystical runes to indicate respawn placement.




Booflos spawn uncommonly in the Poise Forest biome in groups of 1-3. They hop around rarely and will sometimes inflate, air swimming if they do. They will also use their inflation abilities to harvest Bolloom Fruits when hungry. Booflos can eat specific bugs and fruit. Usually when eating the Booflo is not inflated, and it will specifically stop moving and an eating animation is played. Booflo can only eat Puff Bugs while flying. They will become aggressive if a player is nearby while they are eating (even during a taming attempt). Booflos have a small chance to hunt Puff Bugs by hopping and grabbing them out of the air. If inflated, the Puff Bug is eaten whole. This can set off a chain reaction of combat from nearby Puff Bugs who become hostile when any Puff Bug is killed. Booflo do not have a sense of self preservation. If in the same area as a player, currently they can glide away from End Islands and slowly fall into the void as they usually choose not to gain much height when gliding.


To tame a Booflo, you must harvest Bolloom Fruit that grows from Bolloom Bud around the Poise Forest.

Once you have your fruit, approach your chosen Booflo and feed it to them. Make sure to back off a good distance or they will attack. Do this a few times and it will be tamed. Once tamed, Booflos will gain bracelets on their front legs. These can be customized with dyes like a wolfs colar.

A Tamed Booflo will restore 5 hearts once fed a Bolloom Fruit.


Two tame Booflos can be bred by feeding both of them Poise Clusters. This causes one of the Booflos to gain three warts on its back. After a short period of time these pop off and become 3 Baby Booflos.


Once you have tamed a Booflo, you can ride it with normal controls. Booflos move around by hopping rather then running. Hitting the space bar will cause the booflo to inflate and begin to air swim. Pressing “X” will cause your mount to slam into the ground, knocking back and dealing damage to nearby mobs.


If you don’t back off from a Booflo that you are attempting to tame it will take into the air, it will get above you and body slam you for 7  hearts of damage.

Puff Bug


Puff Bugs will puff around and pollinate Bolloom Buds. They will not attack unless provoked.


Puff Bugs will occasionally detect and attempt to pollinate a Bolloom Bud. This will colour it pale yellow and inflict it with Levitation.

After pollinating at least one it will teleport back to its hive. If it doesn’t have a hive, it can create one if there are four other wild Puff Bugs nearby.


If a Puff Bug or its hive is attacked, it will puff over the attacker’s head and attempt to sting them. If it misses the attack, it will be stuck in the ground for a couple of seconds.

When a splash potion is splashed on a Puff Bug, it will change color relative to the effect and the next mob it stings will receive that effect.


The Endergetic Expansion mod adds many new blocks to the game. Most of these can be found in the Poise Forest biome but some are not obtainable.

A mod by TeamAbnormals (mod page)

Updated on February 4, 2021

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