Spartan Shields

Spartan shields is a mods that adds lots of different shields to your game. They are so simple to craft.

If you shift and click with you shield, you will do a shield bash which you can attack mobs with. You can also enchant your shield.

If you have a tower shield, you can put a banner on it.

Right from the outset, you can craft the Crude Wooden Shield as soon as you punch some trees!

Alternatively, you can make a Wooden Tower Shield which allows you to apply banners to them!

Wood won’t cut it for long, so you can upgrade it when you get new materials. Note: The Wood Shield you use must be undamaged for this to work!

The same can be done with the Wood Tower Shield as well!


Most shields can be enchanted using an Enchanting Table, unlike the vanilla Shield.

The following enchantments can be applied to them:

  • Unbreaking [Vanilla]
  • Knockback [Vanilla] -> Used to enhance Shield Bash knockback power
  • Spikes – Max Levels: 3 – Gives a chance to inflict damage to any mob which hits the Shield when blocking
  • Firebrand – Max Levels: 2 – Shield bashing causes the hit target to catch on fire. Higher levels causes the target to be on fire for longer
  • Payback – Max Levels: 4 – Blocking absorbs about 50% of damage into the shield. This boosts damage of the Shield Bash. Higher levels increases the max damage that the Shield can absorb by 2 points per level

A mod by ObliviousSpartan (mod page)

Updated on January 31, 2021

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