Random Things

Random Things adds many new random items to your game.

Divining Rods

Holding a divining rod in your main or off hand will show you nearby ore through walls. The range is is a 11x11x11 cube centered on you.

The basic divining rods only show you one ore while the vanilla one shows all vanilla ores at once.


Platforms are special blocks that are solid from the top and not solid from all other sides (You can walk on top of them but go right through them from the sides or the bottom). If you hold shift you fall through them even from the top.

Rainbow Lamp

The Rainbow Lamp is a Redstone Lamp that is always on but changes color depending on the signal strength it receives.

Advanced Redstone Torch

Unlike a normal redstone torch which just emits either a redstone signal of 15 or 0 with an advanced one you can configure the signal strength for the two states freely. It’s green while powered and red while unpowered.

Fertilized Dirt

Works pretty much the same as vanilla farmland, except it does not require any nearby water blocks, increases the growth of plants by a factor of 3 and crops are not destroyed when walking or jumping on the Fertilized Dirt like it sometimes happens with vanilla farmland.

Block of Sticks

Block of Sticks are temporary building blocks, they will break 10 seconds after you place without dropping anything. You can use them to get to high places without leaving behind ugly block pillar. 

Returning Block of Sticks

The Returning Block of Sticks don’t just break but return to the inventory of the closest player after the 10 seconds pass.

A mod by Lumien231 (mod page)

Updated on February 4, 2021

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