A mod that adds additional Blocks,Items,Tools,Tools Type,Food,Furnaces,Crushers.


There are many new blocks were added such as Kitchen Floor(Variety of Colour),Reinforced Blocks,Ores and so much more!

They also add new Slabs,Stairs and Walls to the new block type.

Here some example of blocks from pattysmorestuff:-

Nether Star Block
Ender Pearl Block
Blaze Block
Black Glowstone

for a complete list of blocks,check out at the mod page.


Infinite Water Bucket:- A bucket of water that can be use to place water permanently and can be crafted as shown below:

Infinite Water Bucket Recipe

Time Wand:- A new item that can change the time (Day/Night) to (Night/Day) without any cooldown or consumption and can be crafted as shown below:

Time Wand Recipe

Ring of Flight:- “You can fly in survival!?You’re joking right?” An item that can be use to be able to fly like in creative mode.It also makes the user immune to fall damge permanently until the ring was taken out of the inventory.It can be craft as shown below:

Ring Of Flight Recipe

for a complete list of the items,check out at the mod page.


The mod now allow the user to craft Tools(Armor,Weapon,Equipment) from the material listed below:
-Nether Star
-Ender Pearl
-Red Netherbrick
-Soul Sand
-Magma Cream

Tools Type

The Mod added some new tools type.
Here the list of the Tools Type:

-Paxel:A tool that combine the use of Shovel,Pickaxe and Axe into one single item,only same material tools can be use to craft a paxel

-Battleaxe:A new weapon type

Hammer:A great tool for miners,it mines 3x3x1 from the block that were mined depending on the direction it was mine

-Scythe:A tool that harvest (and replants) a 3×3 grown crops or flowers

-Lumber Axe:A great tool for lumbering trees,the tool can cut down a tree with a single chop from the bottom.


Waiting too long for your food to cook? Worry not,PattysMoreStuff mod have brought to you more fast,powerful and cool furnaces.The better the material the faster it smelts
The mod furnace list:
-Ultimate Furnace

Mod Showcases

By Ordinal Wolf
By Itz Bahb
By CalebCritic

For more information about the mod,go to the mod page.

A mod by TwiistGaming

Updated on February 2, 2021

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