Pandoras Creatures

Pandoras Creatures adds many new mobs to the game, hostile and passive. They can be found all over your Minecraft world.


The Arachnon Hammer

The Arachnon Hammer is a tool obtained by killing Arachnons. Arachnons will drop Arachnon crystals which are used to craft the hammer. It breaks a 3×3 block area making it a great mining tool.

Bucket of Crab and Bucket of Seahorse

These can be obtained by simply clicking a crab or seahorse with a bucket of water. It works the same as putting a fish into a bucket.

The Herb Bundle

The Herb Bundle is an item that can be obtained through crafting. It requires a Hillbloom, Horsetail and a Dhania to make. It is used to tame the Bufflon Entity and to heal it if its below its maximum health amount.

Hill Blooms are found in Mountains.

Horsetail are found in Plains.

Dhanias are found in Swamps.

Bufflon Saddles

Bufflon Saddles can be obtained through exploration by finding them inside chests, or through trading with a high level leather worker Villager.



Arachnons looks like a Golem and a Spider mixed together. The Arachnon will spawn during night in Plains and Mountain biomes. Caution is recommended as the Arachnon is a pretty strong monster and could even be considered a mini-boss. They drop Arachnon crystals which are used to make the Arachnon Hammer.


Crabs are peaceful creatures that will spawn on Beaches and in Warm Oceans. By killing the crab you can obtain crab meat that can be consumed to regain hunger. Like parrots, they dance when near a jukebox and there is a small Easter Egg if you name it with a certain name.


Seahorses spawn in Warm Lukewarm and normal Oceans. They come in 10 different variants and also have one of 5 random sizes, so in total there are 55 different ones. They can be picked up with a water bucket, and after placing them again they wont despawn making them be great for decoration just like tropical fish. They will drop Raw Seahorse that can be cooked or consumed as it is.

Acidic Archvine

Acidic Archvines, are plants that can spawn in jungles and in the Nether. When the player walks under it, it grabs them with its tongue and drags them up to the plants position in order to digest them. If you do kill them, they have a chance of dropping and Acidic Archvine Tongue. This can be used to craft a Plant Hat which makes the player invisible to Acidic Archvines so they won’t attack them.


Bufflons are very big bull like creatures that spawn in cold and snowy biomes such as: Tundra, Snowy Mountains, Frozen River. The Bufflon can be tamed using a herb bundle and used afterwards to carry multiple players or a huge amount of resources (depending on the attachment type). The current attachments include: A Saddle which is needed to control the Bufflon while riding it. Player Seats which can be attached to carry 2 additional player. A Small Storage which can be attached for a small amount of storage and 1 additional player. And the final a Large Saddle which can be attached to gain the maximum amount of storage area. 

You can also make them sit, follow or move freely. There is also a peaceful and combat mode.


Hellhounds are hostile mobs that will spawn all around the Nether. They are not very strong but what makes them dangerous is that they fight you with great numbers. An additional trait they have due to them being skeleton Nether creatures is that they come with complete fire immunity. In addition to that there is also a small chance that the hellhound is a wither hellhound, making him stronger and bigger.

End Troll

End Trolls are mysterious creatures that were put into a prisons in the End a long time ago… Defeating them means gaining pieces of his skin that can be used to craft the new End Troll Boxes. The prison structure can be found randomly in the end like the end cities.

A mod by andrew0030 (mod page)

Updated on May 1, 2021

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