Pack Menu allows the user to change the way the Minecraft Main Menu looks.


  • Changing the background image of the Main Menu
  • Rearranging or disabling any menu elements, such as the title image, splash text, and the panorama fade.
  • Creation of custom buttons, and through that, the ability to completely overhaul the buttons on the menu. Buttons are created using JSON files, with the defaults shipped with the provided resource pack.
  • Display of a custom logo separate from the background. This logo can have splash text attached to it, and can draw from a custom splash text list instead of the defaults.
  • Creation of a custom background slideshow, using any number of images.
  • Creation of a custom panorama by overriding the vanilla panorama assets.

A mod by Shadows_of_Fire (mod page)

Updated on February 4, 2021

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