Nature’s Compass

Nature’s Compass is a utility item that allows you to search for a biome’s location anywhere in the world. It works with both vanilla and modded biomes. Right-clicking with Nature’s Compass in your hand will open the biome selection GUI, from which you can search for a biome or view information about it.

Once you select the biome you want, it will tell you if it was found, coordinates to where it is located and how far away it is. The compass will also point into the direction of that biome.

The information section of the compass includes:

Sneak right clicking with the compass will reset it. The compass will then point to the world spawn.

The recipe for the compass is really simple. It requires 4 saplings, 4 logs and a compass.

A mod by Chaosyr (mod page)

Updated on January 27, 2021

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