Momos Mod

Momos mod adds many things to the game. It adds a new mob, a new ore, blocks and food.


A Tomathi is a tomato with arms and legs, and says ‘momos’ everytime.


Tiredite is a new ore that is added to the game. It is red gem, a bit better than diamond and you can craft many things with it.


Tiredite Sword

Deals 10 attack damage!

Tiredite Pickaxe

Has 2200 durability!



A Tomathi drops this when it dies.

Depressed Meat

4 Raw porkchops and 1 Tiredite and you can craft this.

Crown of Tiredness

A Crown of Tiredness is a powerful crown. Press G when you use it to Dash.


Tomathi Block

Tiredite Block

A mod by Mathi7w7 (mod page)

Updated on February 4, 2021

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