Iron Shulker Boxes

Iron Shulker Boxes add different material versions of the Shulker Box including Iron, Gold, Diamond, Crystal. Each with different storage sizes. With these new Shulker Boxes, you are able to store lots more items in them, break then and move them around with the items still in them unlike chests.

Types of Shulker Boxes

Iron Shulker Box

An Iron Shulker Box has 54 slots.

Gold Shulker Box

A Gold Shulker Box has 81 slots.

Diamond Shulker Box

A Diamond Shulker Box has 108 slots.

Obsidian Shulker Box

An Obsidian Shulker Box has 108 slots.

Crystal Shulker Box

A Crystal Shulker Box has 108 slots.


Upgrades make it so you don’t have to break your current shulker to upgrade it. All you have to do is craft an upgrade and right click the shulker you want to upgrade with it in your hand.

Vanilla to Iron Shulker Box Upgrade
Iron to Gold Shulker Box Upgrade
Gold to Diamond Shulker Box Upgrade
Diamond to Obsidian Shulker Box Upgrade
Diamond to Crystal Shulker Box Upgrade

A mod by ProgWML6 (mod page)

Updated on February 4, 2021

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