Iron Chests

Iron Chests is a mod that bring many new chests to your game with different sized storage inside.

Types of Chests

Dirt Chest

The Dirt Chest has 1 slot. When you place a dirt chest, inside it will be a book called How to use your DirtChest 9000!

Iron Chest

The Iron Chest has 54 slots.

Gold Chest

The Gold Chest has 81 slots.

Diamond Chest

The Diamond Chest has 108 slots.

Obsidian Chest

The Obsidan Chest has 108 slots.

Crystal Chest

The Crystal Chest has 108 slots.


Upgrades make it so you don’t have to break your current chest to upgrade it. All you have to do is craft an upgrade and right click the chest you want to upgrade with it in your hand.

Wood to Iron Chest Upgrade
Iron to Gold Chest Upgrade
Gold to Diamond Chest Upgrade
Diamond to Obsidian Chest Upgrade
Diamond to Crystal Chest Upgrade

A mod by ProgWML6 (mod page)

Updated on January 29, 2021

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