Hearthstone Mod

Hearthstone adds a new item to the game called a Hearthstone. This mod allows you to teleport back to your bed. This makes adventuring much easier as you don’t have to remember the way back to your home.

How to Craft

How to use

  1. Sneak and right click with the hearthstone. A message should then pop up saying that the hearthstone is now linked.

2. To get back to your bed, just simply right click with the Hearthstone in your hand and the Hearthstone should then start to charge. This takes about 10 seconds and it will teleport you back to your bed.

After using the Hearthstone there will be a 30 minute cooldown. This means you cannot use it again until the cooldown is over. If you do try to use it a message will pop up saying that the Hearthstone is on cooldown.

A mod by Sythiex (mod page)

Updated on January 29, 2021

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