Elementary Staffs

This mod adds different staffs to the game and spices up the elemental aspect of Minecraft.

The items which this mod adds


A staff is crafted by using a magical essence, a stick and diamond. A magical essence is crafted by all of the other essences combined together. Essences could be found in dungeons and any loot chest.

To make a staff add a magical essence with a piece of stick and a diamond. A staff is used to craft with any other element to make an elemental staff (eg.add it with the fire essence to make a fire staff. )

All different types of staff

This mod adds 8 different staffs with their own unique abilities.

Darkness Staff

The darkness staff is a staff that shoots orbs.


Electric staff

An electric staff is a staff that gives you a boost every time you use it.

Fire Staff

A fire staff allows the player(you) to shot fire at your opponent and temporary burn them. This may not be effective but it pushes the opponent away from you and gives you time to escape. NOTE:ONLY WORKS IN A RADIUS UP TO 3 BLOCKS & Does not work under water.

Healing Staff

A healing staff allows you to heal other animals, pets and players however you cannot heal yourself.

Water Essence

This is a staff which allows you to shoot bubbles. When the bubbles hit an opponent the opponent flies up into the air until the bubble burst. You can also board a bubble and use it as transport.

Poison Staff

This allows you to poison your opponents and get them onto one heart. However, it doesn’t work on all mobs.

Wind Staff

This is a staff that pushes your opponent like a magnet and slowly kills them.

Ice Staff

The ice staff gives your opponent slowness one and gives time for you to escape.

A mod by krokoonair (mod page)

Updated on January 31, 2021

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