Earth Mobs

Earth Mobs adds 3 new mobs from the spin-off game Minecraft Earth, whilst giving it’s own twist on gameplay! The 3 new mobs added by this mod are:

Muddy Pig

-A variant created from pigs, that frolics in a Mud fluid which are found in swamps and the mud can be obtained in a bucket.
-When the pig is muddy, it will have a tulip-shaped flower on their head, which corresponds to any vanilla dye color, and can be sheared. It’s another source of dye.
-After a short period of at least 2 minutes, the mud will dry, and it will then become a Dry Muddy Pig. No differences other than the fact it needs a bath in a water fluid.
-They can still be ridden like vanilla pigs, and are also extremely agile in mud. Useful for transportation & Muddy pig races galore!


-A friendly mob that spawns within the Flower Forests biome.

-Occasionally eats the Buttercups it plants when walking to heal itself
-Can be sheared similar to Mooshrooms, dropping their buttercups for the player’s own intentions of regeneration.
-Speeds up the growth of nearby crops when asleep.


-A friendly mob that spawns alongside Mooshrooms in the mushroom biomes.

-Sometimes lays Smelly Eggs, which when thrown gives 5 seconds of slowness, and the chance of spawning a baby Cluckshroom.
-Leaves a trail of red mushrooms where it walks (Only within low light levels).
-Can be sheared back into a regular chicken, giving a couple of red mushrooms back just like a Mooshroom does.

A mod by bagu_chan (mod page)

Updated on January 30, 2021

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