Earth Mobs Mod

This is a mod inspired by Minecraft Earth that aims to add not only mobs, but other features like the items and ruby system, as well as tappables!

Items and Blocks


A flower that generates naturally, like most flowers do. Mooblooms are attracted to it. You can use a bottle on it to fill it up and create a rejuvenating drink!Drinking it will give you regeneration for a few seconds and also restore some hunger. It can be drank when your hunger is fill as well! This way you don’t have to kill innocent flowers to craft them into drinks.


Mud is a soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water. You find it in randomly occurring springs, that also have rewards!

Rainbow Wool/Carpet

Just a colorful wool variant that has similar functions to wool! You can get the wool from Rainbow Sheep.

Rubies and Currency System

Rubies are used as a currency ore! It can be used to craft decorative blocks as well. The shop system can be accessed through /shop.


Fun boxes you can break for interesting rewards! (You can trade in rubies for them in /shop!)

The Earth Dimension

In the shop there’s a mysterious purchase you can make…

perhaps if you made a portal frame using chest tappables you can unlock a new world… maybe a world where you can build to your delight that has tons of Minecraft Earth Mobs! 


Muddy Pig

Epic pig variant that can be found in all biomes! If pigs get in mud they become muddy pigs!


A variant of the chicken that has shrooms on it. They can be found in mushroom biomes and in roofed forests! You can “pick” the mushrooms gently from the chicken by right clicking! (Doing so will turn it back into a normal chicken) 

Furnace Golem

A mighty golem even stronger than the original. There is a rare chance it will drop a furnace or blast furnace upon death. Emits light blocks which can be cleared through player contact and can be found scattered around the world.

Melon Golem

Attacks hostile mobs with the power of Melon Seeds! They can be found in “cold” biomes.

Tropical Slime

Hops around like a normal slime! They can be found in “tropical” biomes (Most beaches), Some of them somehow migrated to cold beaches.

MooBloom/Pink Moobloom

Rare mobw found in most biomes and spawn in herds of 2-4. Pink Moobloom is a retextured variant.

Horned Sheep

Spawns in cold biomes and will attack once provoked. They can be sheared.

Jolly Llama

Jolly Llamas pawn in normal llama biomes. They are a fun, rideable llama variant!

Bone Spider

Spooky, tough spider variants that shoot bone shards at you! They’re heavy thankfully so they can’t climb up blocks.

Wooly Cow

The Wooly Cow is found in mountain biomes and can be sheared.

Skeleton Wolf

Hostile allies of the skeletons that will buff them using their howls. Be careful! Some skeletons have also brought their pets into the nether! Be on the lookout! Tamable via rotten flesh, if you can take the damage it’ll deal to you while you try to tame it!

Amber Chicken and Midnight Chicken

Two colorful chicken variants! Besides the color they’re pretty much the same.

Piebald Pig, Pale Pig, Spotted Pig

Just pig variants that look a bit similar but a little different as well.

Ashen Cow, Sunset Cow, Albino Cow

Colorful cow variants! 

Dyed Cat

Tamable, purple cat variant! 


Pink variant of their moobloom cousins.

Rainbow Sheep

When sheared will drop rainbow wool.

A mod by Derec__ (mod page)

Updated on July 26, 2021

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