Dad’s Sewing

Dad’s sewing adds plushies and carpets to decorate your house with, and a couple of fun hats.


Dad’s Sewing adds many new plushies to the game! To get a plushie, simply put a wool block into a stonecutter and choose which one you want.


7 new carpets are added with Dad’s Sewing (1.16 only). These can be obtained by putting a carpet into a stonecutter.

Many other items can be obtained by putting an item into a stonecutter:

Hay Bale- Scarecrow, Straw hat or Straw hat with a Sunflower

Iron Block- Zombiegogglyeyeinator

Glass- Big eyes, Glasses, Shades or Dope Glasses

Glowstone- Angel halo

Glasses and hats are wearable.

Harvest Potion

Dad’s Sewing add a harvest potion, harvest lingering potion, harvest splash potion and a harvest arrow. What this potion does:

– Gives you “Better crop yield” effect for 30 seconds

– Randomly increases crop yields from fully matured crops when harvested by hand, up to 1.5x

– Gives more XP from harvesting than a Straw hat, up to 3x

– Brewed from water with a sunflower, subject to change

A mod by dad_navi (mod page)

Updated on February 3, 2021

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