Charm Reforged

Charm is a mod inspired by the Quark mod in that it is designed to enhance the vanilla game experience without compromising its gameplay style. It does not need Quark in order to work, but adds some extra functionality if Quark is present.


The blocks that are added by this mod include rotten flesh block, smooth glowstone, ender pearl block, pig iron ore, nether gold deposit, gunpowder block, fumarole, redstone sand, variable redstone lamp, barrels (of every vanilla wood type), crates and bookshelf crates.


When you eat a slice of one of these cakes, you will get a potion effect for 48 seconds.

Music Discs

Charm adds 31 new music discs to the game.


2 new potions are added with Charm, each come as a potion, lingering potion, splash potion and an arrow. The first one is decay which gives you the wither effect for 10 seconds. The second one is coffee which gives you speed, haste and Strength for 20 seconds.


Charm adds many new items to the game including:

Endermite Powder – Endermite Powder has a chance of being dropped from Endermites when killed by a player. Right-click while holding it in the End to help locate an End City.

Bat in a Bucket– Right-click a bat with an empty bucket to capture it and get the Bat in a Bucket. Right-click to release the captured bat, causing the outline of all entities around you to be visible for a moment.

Bound Compass– Right-click on an active beacon while sneaking with a compass to bind the compass to the beacon location.

If the beacon has been named on an anvil, the compass will use the beacon’s name.

If the Quark mod is available and Dyed Item Names feature enabled, the compass tooltip will take the beacon beam color. The tooltip will also show the XYZ co-ordinate of its bound location.

Hit a bound compass on the anvil with an iron ingot to turn it back into a normal compass.

Pig Iron Nugget– Pig Iron Nugget ore is found in the nether. 9 of these nuggets make 1 Iron ingot.

Gold Lantern– A Gold Lantern is crafted with gold nuggets instead of iron nuggets.


Charm adds 5 new enchantment books.

Curse Break– Put a curse break book into an anvil with a cursed item and it will remove the curse.

Magnetic– A tool with the Magnetic enchantment adds block drops straight to your inventory. This enchantment may also be added to shears.

Homing– Combine the Homing enchanted book with a pickaxe, shovel or hoe on an anvil to enable the tool to help you locate ore. The tool will be attracted to ore of the same ingots/gems that make up the head of the tool.

By right-clicking on a block, you will hear a sound that rises in pitch as you get closer to the ore. Doing so will decrease the durability of the tool.

This enchanted book is not available via the enchantment table and can only be found as a treasure enchantment.

Curse of Leeching– An item with the Curse of Leeching will restore a little of the player’s hunger at the cost of the item’s durability.

Salvage– A tool with the Salvage enchantment preserves the item’s enchantments by dropping them as an enchanted book when the tool is destroyed.

To find out more about this mod, check out this website.

A mod by svenhjol (mod page).

Updated on February 3, 2021

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