Camera Mod

This mod allows you to take images of your world and lets you put custom images into your world. You could put these pictures inside of a picture frame.

Items which the camera mod adds


This mod allows you to take photos using a camera. A camera is crafted as the following

You have to right click the camera to take an image and you cannot take a selfie using the camera.You must have paper in your inventory for it to work.

The camera also adds a zoom feature. You could make you image more zoomed out or in using the cursor.

If you want to upload a custom image shift right click using the camera and this should show up


You could put these custom images onto a image frame

Image frames

Image frames are used to display your image. An image frame can be resized up to 8×8 blocks by shift right clicking. An image frame works the same as an item frame however you can’t put an image frame on the ground or on top of the block. and if you right click with an image in your hand it would go onto the frame. The frame is made as the following

An image frame looks like this and could be placed on any surface but cannot be placed on the top or the bottom of the block. This means it could be placed on any type of block (eg.wool, glass, stairs, vertical half slabs, slabs, grass, spawners, beds and more!)

to change the size of an image shift right click the image and this should show up


Filter changes how your image will look like. The camera mod allows you to take an image in up to 7 filters.

This includes:

inverted, Blurry, Overexposure, Oversaturated, Sepia, Black and white and Desaturated.


An album could be used to store your pictures in. You can access your album by shift right clicking. You could have multiple albums(more than one). An album is crafted as the following

An album has the same amount of slots as a double chest. Once you shift right click your album would open and you could put your items into it.

Note: you can duplicate your image by combining it with a piece of paper in the crafting table.

A mod by henkelmax (modpage)

Updated on January 28, 2021

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