Archer’s Paradox

Archer’s Paradox adds a bunch of new arrows.

Types of Arrows

Glowstone Arrow

Lights up an area for 10 seconds.

Redstone Arrow

Generates a redstone signal in a large area for 10 seconds.

Phantasmal Arrow

Flies through blocks, unlimited pierce, ignores gravity and armor. Glows.

Lightning Arrow

Calls down a lightning bolt, if it hits outside.

Frost Arrow

Chills target and freezes area around it.

Displacement Arrow

Creates a temporary area which teleports things away.

Blaze Arrow

Burns target and ignites radius around it.

Slime Arrow

Ricochets and has lots of knockback.

Verdant Arrow

Transforms Dirt into Grass in an area. Also grows crops/plants.

Explosive Arrow

Explodes things.

Spore Arrow

Transforms Dirt and Grass into Mycelium in an area.

Challenge Arrow

No damage, stacks “Archer’s Gambit” effect. XP for maintaining hit streak. Distance matters!

Diamond Arrow

2x Damage, +1 Pierce, +1 Knockback.

Ender Arrow

Teleports player to location; or swaps places with the target.

Quartz Arrow

1.25x Damage, +1 Knockback.

Prismarine Arrow

No water slowdown; reduced gravity in water.

Shulker Arrow

Homes in on a target; levitation status effect.

Training Arrow

No damage, stacks a “Hit Streak” effect, for practice. Distance matters!

A mod by TeamCoFH (mod page)

Note: Requires CoFH Core

Updated on February 4, 2021

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