This is a mod that adds things that emphasize vanilla content and it also adds a few objects.

Items that Apotheosis adds.

Spawner Module

Spawners are obtainable with silk touch and can be edited with various Spawner Modifier items.

Upgrade spawners

To add these items to the spawners, right click them with an item.

Add a chorus fruit to a spawner and it makes the spawner ignore the maximum amount of mobs that can spawn within a chunk. Normally this is 70 for monsters and 10 for animals.

Add a ghast tear to a spawner and it will make the spawner raise the limit of how many entities can spawn near the spawner.

Add a dragon egg to a spawner and it will ignore spawn conditions. Usually spawners require a certain light level and a certain amount of blocks each side of the spawner for the mobs to spawn.

Add a clock to a spawner and it will decrease the maximum amount of time it takes for a mob to spawn.

Add sugar to a spawner and it will decrease the minimum amount of time it takes for a mob to spawn.

Add a prismarine crystal to a spawner and it will increase the amount of space that is needed to spawn mobs between the spawner and the player.

Add a comparator to a spawner and it will allow you to control the spawner with redstone. So you can activate it with levers for example if you wanted to.

Add a nether star to a spawner and it will change whether a player can activate it or not when they are near it.

Add a fermented spider eye to a spawner and it will increase the amount of mobs that spawn.

Add a blaze rod to the spawner and it will increase the amount of space that the mobs can spawn in.

Change the mod in a spawner

Add a spawn egg to the spawner and it will change the mob that the spawner spawns. So if you put in a skeleton spawn egg it will spawn skeletons. If you don’t know how to get an egg, they are obtainable from chests that are under spawners in caves, or you can use the capturing enchantment which adds the chance of the player getting a spawn egg when they kill a mob.

Enchantment Module

One of the most interesting things about this mod is that it adds new enchantments and overloads the enchanting system. This is all part of the Enchantment Module. The max enchantment levels are increased, the anvil level cap is removed, and the enchanting table goes to level 150. The enchantments are listed below with a description of what they do.


Hell infusion– Deals more damage in the Nether. It is also the enchantment you get when you place a hellshelf into an enchanting table. This increases the enchantment level.

Mounted Strike– Deals more damage while riding a horse.

Miner’s Fervor– Adjusts the mining speed based on Y-level.

Stable Footing– Negate the mining speed penalty for flying.

Scavenger– Mobs killed may roll their loot tables twice.

Icy Thorns– Slows attackers.

Temptation– Entices nearby farm animals.

Shield Bash– Empowers damage done with shields.

Reflective Defenses– Blocked attacks may harm the attacker.

Knowledge of the Ages– Enemy drops are directly converted into experience.

Splitting– Allows anvils to split multiple enchantments from books that they fall upon.

Nature’s Blessing– Hoes may be used to bonemeal crops.

Rebounding– Melee attackers may find themselves much further away.

Occult Aversion– Magic damage dealt by and to the player is reduced.

Capturing– Makes mobs have a chance to drop their spawn eggs.
The chance of one dropping is based on the enchantment level. Every level adds a 0.4% chance of an egg dropping when a mob is killed.

Endless Quiver– Makes all arrows infinite.

Sea Infusion– Your attacks do significantly more damage when wet.

Crescendo of Bolts– Your crossbows gain an additional shot per charge.  Extra shots and do not use ammo.


This mod also adds some curses which can be removed by combining the cursed item and a prismatic web in an anvil. These curses are listed below.

Life Mending– Converts health into durability.

Berserker’s Fury– Become enraged when taking damage.


Anvils in this mod have no level limit, and are enchantable. They can receive unbreaking and 2 enchantments that are in Apotheosis which are splitting and obliteration. Splitting is an enchantment that allows you to drop an anvil on an enchanted book with multiple enchantments, and receive an individual book for each level.  However, this process only has a 20% success chance per level of splitting, and will always cause damage to the anvil (but can be prevented by unbreaking).  Obliteration is similar, it has the same success rules, but it works on books with a single enchantment above level one.  It will create two books, each a level lower than the original. 


Apotheosis also adds a new type of book called a Tome.

Each Tome has a type of enchantment it can accept, and can be used in place of a book when enchanting. Tomes allow a user to hunt for specific groups of enchantments while saving resources. There is also the Tome of Scrapping, which can be used to remove enchantments from an item. Some of the enchantments – and the original item – will be lost in the process.

1.15.2+ Enchanting

In Apotheosis 1.15.2+, lapis stays in the enchanting table and there is a system for enchanting that uses three stats, instead of the original single stat system.  Some stats are the same (Eterna is the already existing Enchanting Power), but others are new.

Eterna is the stat that controls what level your enchanting table is at.  Certain types of bookshelves are only capable of providing certain max levels of Eterna, so be sure to check the max on the block.  The table’s current level is equal to twice the Eterna.  Eterna goes up to a max of 50, which results in an enchanting level of 100.  The max Eterna level will scale up to the highest available, if it goes past 50.

Quanta determines how much flux is in your enchanting process.  When you begin an enchantment process, after you spend your experience, your Quanta level will work behind the scenes to change your enchantment level.  This is not always beneficial, as Quanta is capable of both increasing and decreasing the actual enchanting level.  With a lot of Quanta, and a little luck, you could technically receive an enchantment equal to spending 200 levels! But if your luck is bad, you could completely waste your experience.

Arcana determines how hard it is to get rare enchantments.  At 0%, the base rules for enchantment rarity apply, but as your Arcana increases, rare enchantments will become more common, and common enchantments will become quite rare.  At 100% Arcana, the rarities are flipped on their heads entirely, and Very Rare enchantments will show up at the rate of common enchantments, while Common enchantments will be hard to find!  Finally, at 25% and 75% Arcana, every time you enchant, you are guaranteed an extra enchantment.  This means after 75% Arcana, you will always receive 3 enchantments.

Combinable enchantments

Some changes have also been made vanilla enchantments.  Sharpness is no longer exclusive with Bane of Arthropods, Smite, and Bane of Illagers.  Protection is no longer exclusive with Magic Protection, Fire Protection, and Blast Protection.  This means you can always benefit from the general purpose enchantment and still pick up a specialised enchantment.  To compensate for the high levels of protection, protection math has been changed a bit.  The initial 20 points of protection each provide 4% damage reduction, but the next 44 past that provide 0.33% damage reduction per point, up to 95.33% total damage reduction at 64 points.


With the new enchantment stat system comes 11 new bookshelves, each with their own unique enchanting stat combinations.  The new bookshelves are Endshelves, Seashelves, Hellshelves, the Beeshelf and the Melonshelf.  Combinations of these shelves can allow for any stat values you could dream of, however, reaching significantly high Eterna levels requires Endshelves.

The Altar of the Sea

The Altar of the Sea is a block with allows you to recycle worthless enchanted items.  To start off with, you need four enchanted items and quite a lot of experience.  Then, you place one enchanted item on each pillar (target the pillar and right click it while holding the item).  Once all four pillars hold an item, the Altar will begin to drain experience from nearby players.  The amount of experience required is based on the levels an rarities of the provided enchantments.  Once the experience has been drained, all four items will be consumed, and a newly created enchanted book will be created.  The new enchantments are random, but better enchantments will be obtained with higher levels and rarities of provided enchantments.  The Altar of the Sea can generate treasure enchantments.

Deadly Module

Of course with really high level enchantments comes more danger. The Deadly Module allows you to conquer powerful bosses, find exciting loot, and face danger in caves.

Affix Items

In Apotheosis, there are certain items with Affixes which are similar to an enchantment, but cannot be modified by any means.  Each affix provides a specific modifier to an item, such as increasing damage, providing additional protection, or providing some sort of utility feature.  Only certain affixes can be applied to certain items, and they are intentionally left a bit mysterious.  In addition to Affixes, there are also Loot Rarities.  Each rarity has a specific amount of affixes and other features associated with it. The current rarities are listed below.

Common – Receives one affix, that is often at the minimum effectiveness.

Uncommon – Receives one affix.

Rare – Receives two affixes.

Epic – Receives three affixes.

Mythic – Receives three affixes, affixes have a higher chance of reaching their max value, and the item is made unbreakable.

Ancient – This rarity encompasses unique items that can only be obtained from loot.  It’s not yet implemented, but it should be soon.


With the Deadly Module come deadly bosses, which generate with potion effects, full armor, a custom name, and a special affix loot item that has been powerfully enchanted. Sometimes a surface boss can spawn and they are accompanied by a lightning strike. Bosses will always drop an affix loot item that is already enchanted and it will be named after the boss that is killed.

The spawners that are part of the Deadly Module spawn underground. They will be one of two variants: brutal, or swarm.  A brutal spawner spawns mobs that have potion effects or other buffed attributes.  Swarm spawners have a higher mob cap, and spawn rather rapidly.  Each type of spawner generates with a chest under it.  This chest can have a wide variety of loot, from crafting materials to affix items.

Village module

The Village Module in apotheosis improves villagers and wandering traders. Wandering traders now have a more varied stock with more high quality items. They may also trade affix items.


The added fletching system allows for higher yields when making arrows, and is required to craft certain types of exclusive arrows. This can be done using a Fletching Table.

This mod also includes 4 new types of arrows.

Broadhead Arrows which are made from iron, instead of flint.  They apply 15 seconds of Bleeding (similar to wither) to the target on hit.  Each additional hit from a broadhead will increase the level of bleeding and refresh the duration, meaning that they will do significantly increased damage after multiple shots.

Obsidian Arrows which are made from obsidian.  They have a flat 20% damage increase over normal arrows.

Explosive Arrows, which create an explosion on hit.  This explosion is larger when hitting a block, but does significant damage upon direct impact with an entity.

Mining Arrows break blocks as if they were a pickaxe.  Each arrow can break up to 12 blocks, and there is an iron and diamond variant.

Potion Module

This module includes:

  • new potions.
  • new recipes for previously unobtainable potions.
  • some other new content to support the usage of potions.

With 3 of the same potion and 6 blaze powder, you can create an item called a potion charm. When this charm is in your inventory it will provide that potion effect and last 8 times as longer as one potion. It also allows you to receive the potion in smaller increments instead of all up front.

Two new potion effects are also included with this mod. Sundering is the inverse of resistance.  Where resistance provides 20% damage reduction per level, Sundering increases damage taken by 20% per level.  This means that a Sundering II potion can completely revoke all benefits of Resistance II. Ancient Knowledge is a potion effect that makes all experience gains quadrupled.  Any experience you gain while under the effect of this potion will be multiplied, and at level II, the experience gain is doubled again, for a total of 8x normal experience.

Resistance – Created with an Awkward Potion and a Shulker Shell.

Absorption – Created with an Awkward Potion and a Golden Apple.

Haste – Created with an Awkward Potion and Mushroom Stew.

Mining Fatigue – Created with a Haste Potion and a Fermented Spider Eye.

Wither – Created with an Awkward Potion and a Wither Skull, or if Wither Skeleton Tweaks is installed, a Skull Fragment.

Luck – Created with an Awkward Potion and a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

Garden Module

The Garden Module has some extensions for vertically growing blocks. It increases the growth caps of sugarcane to 256, bamboo to 30 and cacti to 256. This means they will grow even higher than in vanilla.

A mod by Shadows_of_Fire (mod page)

Note: Apotheosis requires Placebo.

Updated on February 2, 2021

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