• Just Enough Resource (JER)

    JER mod is a successor of NotEnoughResource mod.It Features information about Mob Drops,Dungeon Loot,Ore Generation and Plant Drops. A mod by way2muchnoise(mod page)

  • JEI Integration

    JEI Integration is an addon for JEI(Just Enough Item).The mod add recipe handler for other mods(other items than vanilla minecraft),otherwise theres no recipe for it. For full information about the mod,check out the mod page. A mod by SnowShock35

  • PattysMoreStuff

    A mod that adds additional Blocks,Items,Tools,Tools Type,Food,Furnaces,Crushers. Blocks There are many new blocks were added such as Kitchen Floor(Variety of Colour),Reinforced Blocks,Ores and so much more! They also add new Slabs,Stairs and Walls to the new block type. Here some example of blocks from pattysmorestuff:- for a complete list of…

  • AI Improvements

    A Mod that was used to improve performance for heavily modded minecraft by adding low-level modification on A.I.’s (a.k.a mobs). A mod by DarkGuardsman(mode page)